Welcome to Hack Opsci Discourse

Hi there, :wave: thanks for wandering into our corner of the internet. We’re on a mission to fix science and are inviting you to join us in wielding tools of digital self-sovereignty to create an open Web 3.0 of knowledge creation.

What is Opscientia?

We’re a community of science activists, researchers, organisers and enthusiasts that have come together to work on the problems of data sharing, reproducibility, incentive alignment, coordination, and intellectual ownership that plague knowledge creation today.

Science is Broken

Did you know that less than 10% of data collected by publicly funded research in the US is published alongside their papers? Or that an average 70% of researchers have failed to replicate their colleagues’ work across disciplines, including psychology, physics, and biology? A hyper competitive culture in academia precludes collaboration while existential challenges requiring immediate scientific solutions.

Digital Services Enhance Disparity

Modern scientific insights are typically generated by an exclusive community of researchers working at institutions with proprietary instruments, siloed data, and specialized infrastructure. This status quo has remained undisturbed for decades, further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has enhanced the disparity of access to instruments of information-gathering, coordination, commerce, and knowledge-sharing.

Opscientia is a scientific ecosystem that unlocks data silos, coordinates collaboration and democratises funding

Amelioration with Decentralization

The Opsci ecosystem is powered by the Decentralised Science (DeSci) Stack, a software development kit linking decentralised finance with data markets, privacy-preserving cloud services, and the power of smart contracts to coordinate global citizen science communities together around a collectively determined incentive structure.

Getting Started

  • Navigate over to https://hack.opsci.io/u/<username>/preferences/profile and complete your profile to unlock the first Opsci-Rep badge. Be sure to complete the drop down fields and pick a role that best suits your background!

  • Complete our User Research Survey and help us gauge the needs of the Open Science community

  • Join an active Working Group or suggest your own!

  • Read and provide comments on our White and Purple Papers (coming soon)

  • Complete our Web 3.0 of Science Primer Mini-Course (also coming soon)

  • Researchers can join our waiting list to decentralize their lab

  • Potential science participants can sign up to become rewarded data contributors

  • Hop into our discord to meet our community in real-time and to answer any questions you may have about the DeSci Movement or what Opscientia is working on right now

And don’t forget to check us out at https://opsci.io!

We’ve just started, in month 6 of our journey at the time of writing so stay tuned for major updates as we begin to rev the engine of scientific enterprise with tools for community discovery.

Stay curious,
Shady El Damaty, Ph.D.
Founder, Opscientia