Review Article Series on Decentralized File Storage: Filecoin and Arweave

Hey everyone, the next two installments of the survey of decentralized storage networks are ready for feedback.




Excited to see this finally come out for community feedback! Keep the hits coming @CalebT :clap::clap::clap: I think this will be great for @Akshata and @kinshuk to puruse.


If it helps - I know through fof the Filecoin team is really top-notch. Not to dissuade from arweave, but rather a positive for filecoin


Oh absolutely, totally agree. The Arweave team is incredibly dedicated but it’s hard to compete with the inventor of IPFS, a corner-stone of web3, and the talent that’s rallied to his banner. The Protocol Labs team also just gets it when it comes to thinking about the future of knowledge on the internet. It’s quite early still but “Knowledge Engineering” is a major research focus for them. My understanding is there is an intent to create a machine readable internet for autonomous agents to curate, parse, and transform scientific knowledge into actionable insight. It’s a far cry from the state of things today but PL is on the right track

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