Readme: Decentralized File Storage for Science


The Decentralized File Storage for Science Working Group emerged out of a discussion between the Opscientia Core team, MIT/Dartmouth’s DANDI Project, and the Textile team to explore the challenges of serving massive (250TB) multi-scale images of the human brain using a file storage back-end running on interplanetary file system (IPFS).

This discussion stumbled out of Opscientia’s finalist prizes in the May '21 EthGlobal hackathon for the Open Science (OpSci Data Wallet) and coincided with the Annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping Conference.


This working group will follow an agenda that includes review of fundamental white papers, a survey of researcher file storage needs and pain points working with massive datasets, code review of packages that may solve these issues, performance tests and experiments of potential solutions.


You can find the project summary here. This is an evolving document.

The team is currently building out a notion/airtable database to organize the reading materials and agenda. Please reach out if you have experience working with notion or airtable.

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