Opscientia DAO Wins Multiple Awards at the EthGlobal Hackathon

The Beginnings of Opscientia’s Hackathon Spree

Opscientia’s data wallet prototype for research data management to promote open science impressed many at the 2021 Web3Weekend ETHGlobal hackathon!

A Vibrant Community at the Edge of Web Innovation

The Ethereum developer community is one of the most actively growing and engaged communities in the Web3 and blockchain space. A large part of this is the continual sequence of hackathons, workshops, and onboarding programs, many organised and run by ETHGlobal.

From Zero to Open Science on Web3

Opscientia DAO participated in our first EthGlobal hackathon, the Web3Weekend, with 100+ other teams. Over $50,000 in prizes were available from top sponsors in the Web3 space. Projects that started from an initial concept and were completed over the duration of the weekend were scored higher than teams who continued working on existing apps.

Team Opscientia built and deployed a functional Open Science Data Wallet from scratch over the weekend and were selected as a top 10 finalist overall and won sponsor awards in multiple categories, including from Textile.io and Protocol labs. We were also recognised by IPFS as one of the most inspirational projects of the weekend.

When it comes to scientific discovery and knowledge creation, the superpowers of blockchain and the decentralised web have yet to be meaningfully demonstrated. The Opscientia DAO has identified public smart contract blockchains as leading candidates for upgrading science. Key opportunities include data management, automated notary abilities for tracking contributions, and programmable incentives to encourage collaboration.

The Opscientia hackathon team has taken the lead on this through the development of our data wallet prototype. This allows researchers to easily drag and drop datasets and deploy them to decentralised file storage for peer-to-peer sharing with permissions management.

Our Open Science Data Wallet also explores the potential of POAP to record scientific kudos and encourage open science participation.

Our Demo

What is Next?

There is much more to be designed and built than can be done in a weekend. Visit our website, follow our Twitter, join our Discord, and sign up for our mailing list to get involved with the journey to decentralise science.

The Team:

Achintya Kumar, Software Engineer, Opscientia Open Web Fellowship
Alexandra McCarroll, Software & Data Engineer
Kinshuk Kashyap, Software Engineer, Google Summer of Code Fellow
Sarah Hamburg, Ph.D., Neuroscientist
Shady El Damaty, Ph.D., Neuroscientist

Useful links:

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