🏛 Open Science DAO Hall, 4 January 4pm UTC

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:star2:Happy New Year All~ the first DAO Hall of '22 opens up with @smejak’s final presentation wrapping up his Open Web Fellowship project, “Simulations for Science Communities.”

:mortar_board: Jakub will introduce DARC-SPICE, a toolbox for modeling value flow in tokenized decentralized autonomous research communities (DARCs). You can get caught up on Jakub’s work by checking out his midterm presentation at DAO Hall XII.

:medal_sports:Unlock the :telescope:Discoverer community role which qualifies members for POAP, and special NFT unlocks by RSVP’ing on discord .


:classical_building: OpSci transition to CA 501c3, formation of legal engineering working group
:building_construction: Exploring D2D Opportunities for the OpSci community
:hammer_and_wrench: Working group updates: Decentralized File Storage (@CalebT), Paper Archival (@Akshata), Data Archival (@kinshuk), Personal Data Wallet (@drpk)

DeSci Discussion Topic

This month’s open conversation thread is all about scientific identity:

How do we transcend legacy academic credentials in Web3?

In other words, how do we move beyond academic credentials issued by legacy institutions, such as the PhD, to address problems of inequity, elitism, unrecognized contributions, misaligned incentives, and distorted perceptions of quality or expertise?

The OpSci community has begun discussing the introduction of an Open Science DID standard that aggregates academic activity from Web 2.0 and mints verifiable proof of contribution as an interactive NFT profile page.

We’re still early in the ideation phase but the idea is to explore this as part of the ethDenver hack-a-thon. :sparkles:Are you interesting in collaborating or exploring this idea further? Get in contact to discuss a travel grant for ethDenver!

DAO Record & Minutes

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Open Bounties

reach out to [email protected] to claim

Open Web Fellow Mentor - are you a scientist, researcher, educator, or senior developer that is interested in mentoring the next generation of DeSci fellows?

DeSci Artisan - are you an artist that draws inspiration from science and seeking to explore Web3 as a medium? We are seeking a visually talented artisan to create compelling materials that merge data, knowledge artifacts, and novel visualizations methods to demonstrate unique forms of expression in Web3.

Notion Manager - do you know how to use Notion and want to help us organize our knowledge base?

DAO Engineer - are you interested in building a DAO from the ground up? We are looking for a DAO engineer to automate and facilitate community workflows such as snapshot voting, decentralized payments for contributions, membership features, etc.

dApp Developer - looking for a dApp dev to work on Coral, our Open Science Knowledge Market.

Web Manager - our website needs an update! Looking for a project manager to take up the lead on updating the site with new material.

DeSci Anthropologist - are you interested in meeting scientists in Web3 and understanding their needs? We are looking for an interviewer to speak to scientists in Web3 and beyond as part of our efforts to study the early growth of DeSci.

News & Updates

Apply for EthDenver - members can apply for travel grants
Rich in Data, Poor in Wisdom: Science Needs a Decentralized Data Commons
Swarm, The World Computer’s Hard Drive
Coral Knowledge Market Demo

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