How to Apply for Open Web Fellowship

Supporting a Web3 of Scholarship

The Opscientia Open Web Fellowship is a 12-week program that provides a stipend for talented undergraduates, students, and post-doctoral scholars to work on open source software development and basic research that aligns with the Opscientia mission.

Fellows must submit a proposal for review with a detailed problem statement, solution, plan of execution, and timeline for their project. Mentors may work with applicants to help them prepare their proposal. Selected projects will receive continued mentorship through weekly check-ins, performance review, and code review to help fellows approach milestones in their development timeline.

:point_right: Open call for mentors

:woman_astronaut: Opscientia Mission

We’re building a community-owned decentralised science (DeSci) tech stack to power a self-sustaining endowment for autonomous knowledge factories and a permanent immutable archive of discovery

Our mission is to provide all the tools required for anyone, anywhere, to launch a laboratory, conduct ethical scienctific research and contribute to a repository of reproducible workflows for knowledge creation.

Research Areas

We’re developing solutions to address the following categorical problems in scientific research today. Here are some of the categories we’re soliciting proposals for:

:cloud: Cloud Services

  • Equal-access repositories for scientific data storage (public science commons) (decentralised / maintained)
  • Equitable & secure access to cloud services for resource-intensive computation on Big Data
  • Permanent content-addressable links to important scientific knowledge

:woman_teacher: Semantic Web of Science

  • Integration of scientific standards for reporting, sharing, with inter-linked metadata
  • Open real-time collaboration & feedback (peer review at every step)
  • Contribution tracking & notarisation of scientific discovery

:cyclone: Token Communities

  • Alternative outcome metrics for researcher success to inform funding mechanisms
  • Incentives for mentorship as reputation metrics
  • Multi-agent modeling for self-sustaining communities through aligned incentive + value creation feedback loops

Don’t see your favorite systemic science problem or research area here? Comment below.

:trophy: Goals of the Program

The Opscientia Open Web Fellowship has several goals:

  • Inspire trainees to participate in open source development
  • Contribute to existing open source projects and bring new developers into the decentralized science ecosystem
  • Provide continuous academic training during instructional or career transition gaps
  • Give fellows experience working on real-world software development challenges
  • Contribute to DAO services that grow and nourish the community

:woman_student: Fellow Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Fellows are expected to submit quality work, dedicating a minimum of 20 hours per week for the duration of the fellowship
  • Provide regular updates on completed work, status updates on upcoming deliverables, and notification of any obstacles or barriers
  • Utilize official communication channels to request help
  • Provide early notification for vacations, reduced hours, or capacity
  • Respond to feedback and requests

:raising_hand_woman: Who Should Apply?

Undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduate students with a gap in instructional continuity or the next stage in their training / career looking for experience working on real world knowledge and software problems. Individuals without post-secondary or formal academic training will be considered equally and assessed on the quality of the proposal.

Technological anthropoligists, user experience researchers, front/back-end developers, computational scientists, behavioral psychologists and economists are encouraged to apply.

We are a decentralised community seeking to capture the diversity of knowledge creators and curious finders all over the world. We particularly encourage applicants that are under-represented in science and technology.

Not sure if you should apply? Reply here, hop on our discord, or send an email to [email protected]

How to Apply

Applicants must construct a proposal by:

  1. First forking the Open Web Fellowship Proposal repository to your personal github account. This will let you make changes on your own version of the repository.
  2. Create a folder under submissions and title it name-quarter-year-category. Next copy, and rename the file as Valid categories are cloud-services, semantic-web, token-communities, other.
  3. Fill in your project, delete the filler text and submit a pull-request. The team will review this for basic information and will merge it with the repository when it passes basic quality checks.
  4. Post your proposal on the Opscientia DAO Governance Forum in the #open-web-fellowship category for feedback from the community on clarity, alignment with the Opscientia Mission, execution plan, and feasibility.

Proposal Evaluation Period

A period is provided for feedback and refining the proposal. Final evaluation is performed over a voting period by the Opscientia DAO. The top proposals are selected based on the amount of funding available for the current cycle of applications. Fellows with a positive history with the DAO may qualify for higher funding levels for their project.

:star: Applications are rolling through 2021. Submit now :fork_and_knife:

Questions? Hop in our discord for immediate feedback :point_down: