🏔 DeSci Rockies: ethDenver Travel Grants & Events

:mountain_snow: DeSci Rockies: ethDenver Travel Grants & Events

What is it?

The ethDenver hack-a-thon and generic web3 palooza is taking place from February 11-20, with an estimated 20k attendees this year.

What’s happening?

The event includes a hack-a-thon with over a 500k in prizes and bounties spread out across several tracks. #BUIDL week kicks off on the 11th at the Art Hotel and continues until the 17th. The in-person hack-a-thon will transition to a virtual hack-a-thon after the conference is concluded.

The main event begins on the 17th and includes significant keynote speakers before ending with an awards ceremony for winning hack-a-thon projects followed by an after-party.

After the conference, there is a retreat in the Rocky Mountains at the Breckenridge Mountain Resort. Conference events and socials will also take place amidst the fun in the snow.

How to get involved?

There are some stirrings to get a few official DeSci events on the calendar. If you would like to participate in any conference events or apply for a :sparkles:travel grant​:sparkles: please complete this registration form.

If you plan at all on attending, REGISTER NOW, both on ethDenver’s site and complete the OpSci registration form linked above.

OpSci Activities in the Works

  • DeSci Social
  • OpSci Metaverse Science Avatar Hack-a-thon Project: NFT profile project that displays interactive statistics, achievements, and open science contributions in-browser.
  • DeSci Panel with 15minute lightning talks and Audience AMA. Some ideas appear below:
    • DeSci Data Commons
    • DeSci IDs & Reputation
    • Data Archival Workflows
    • A Short History of DeSci

Links and Resources

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Hi! Will DeSci Rockies happen again in 2023? If so, are dates set yet?