DAO Hall Agenda, 27 September 2021

Hello Opsci DAO !:wave:

You are all invited to join our DAO Hall on Monday at 3pm UTC, Sept 27th.

From our Core team, Sarah and Alexandra will be joining (Shady is away for his birthday 🥳)!

End-Sept Topics & Updates


  • Fellowship applications are live (update from Alexandra)

  • Launch of the DAO Affiliate programme (update from Sarah)


  • Opsci.io website updates (update from Alexandra)


  • Milestone one for Textile completed (update from Alexandra)

  • Backend architecture for ‘Opsciverse’ in progress (update from Alexandra)

  • On track for Ocean and Filecoin grant deliverables (update from Alexandra)

  • User research update (update from Sarah)

  • Sci Anons NFT project kick-off (update from Sarah)

  • Tokenomics project in progress (update from Jacub)


  • Provisional DAO Affiliate roadmap (update from Sarah)

  • Organising a DeSci panel at ETHLisbon (update from Sarah)


Please reach out if there’s anything you’d like to add to the agenda!