DAO Hall Agenda, 12 November 2021

:tv: Tune in to Opsci DAO Hall this Friday at 5pm UTC, November 12th!

Don’t miss it if you want to catch up on these updates!

:medal_sports: Community members can unlock the :telescope:Discoverer community role which qualifies members for POAP, and special NFT unlocks.

:mortar_board: @smejak will be giving his midterm OWF seminar, “Simulations for Science Token Communities.”
Hop in to learn how we can apply token engineering principles to the design of Web3 ecosystems that reward knowledge creators and capture the value of scholarship to fund open access and public science goods.

:man_scientist:t4: Working group updates on decentralized research data management, scholarly paper archival on the permanent web, and development work on the knowledge market.

:raised_hands: Anyone can contribute topics or suggestions to the agenda by posting on hack.opsci.io under the #pulse category.

Unlock the Discoverer role now by RSVP’ng to the event on discord!

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