Concept Development: The Open Science Data Passport

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share some of the concept work we’ve done on a mobile application, “The Open Science Passport,” to link researchers and ios/android users for crowd-sourced data collection. The application is intended to be a “Data Wallet” specifically for end-users to manage their personal data, collect rewards for research participation, and consume analytics services to generate personalized research data reports.

The idea originally came about during HackFS in a brainstorming session with @Achintya, @Shamburgularara, and @kinshuk. We ended up shelving the project after a few weeks of ideation and concept development to focus on Coral - our knowledge marketplace / data commons.

Recently, I was put in touch with drpk.eth from the OceanDAO who expressed interest in picking up this project and obtaining funding from OceanDAO in round 12 to support a developer for building out an early prototype. As part of this, Opscientia would serve as an advisor for this project and manage the disbursement of funds for any work that’s done.

The proposal is just starting to come together now and is available for comment by the community here. Some early wire-framing was also done here. Please consider reviewing and leaving feedback, or commenting below if you would like to be involved. The proposal will be posted to the OceanDAO by December 7th.

Hello all, the proposal to continue development on the Open Science Data Passport has been posted to the Ocean DAO discourse to fund early development and scoping out diagnostic medical labs by Arunakiry. This project is being headed by an international team of medical practitioners and developers. Really excited to see it all come together.

Check it out here! Consider leaving feedback in the Ocean Port, or continuing the conversation here.